“One can acquire everything in solitude except character.” – Stendhal, Five Short Novels of Stendhal

The Call is to, Community

I believe firmly that our success, all of us collectively, is a product of our involvement with one another. This reflects in so many ways, but one that is very important to me are communities of practice within a profession. No team, or company, should act as an island unto themselves. We should give back to one another, teaching each other, and raising up those around us, so that we also might be raised up by the act of sharing.

It is because of this belief that I am such an active speaker at conferences, user groups and other organizations. It is also the reason that I am a champion for mentor/mentee relationships within the workplace. If you aren’t involved in some sort of professional community that extends beyond the bounds of your company, seek out such a group quickly, you will reap rewards from it many times what you give into it, I assure you.