Who said games never taught you anything... I learned about .NET Attributes

I've just had something of a weird coincidence of a week.  Try to follow along :

On a regular basis I read Scott Hanselman's blog, and recently in one of his posts he talked about XBoxFriends.

XBoxFriends is a cut little program which scrapes a webpage to present you a well-formated list of your XBox Live friends list in an MSN Messenger type program.  Scott listed the new website www.xboxfriends.com in his blog, so I went to check it out.

I decided to download the program and install it (XCopy Install!) and that website directed my to a post of the author's blog where he had posted the download.  Cory Smith, the author, had on the site of his blog, a link to the Fort Worth Dot Net Users Group.  It seems he is one of the officers, and they had a meeting this last Tuesday which I decided to attend.

The talk was given by Jason Bock and was on the subject of attributes in .NET.  It was well presented, and I learned a great deal about metadata in .NET (not to mention about Jason, and his blog).

So, three blogs, one website, and a meeting later.  BTW .. XBoxFriends rocks, and my Gamertag is Gisben.