Alright … this is kinda cool.

We’re all familiar with Airports putting wireless 802.11 networks up so that those waiting for flights can access the internet.

We’ve heard of Internet Cafés which do the same thing.

But did you know that there is now a growing network to provide hot spots to truck stops around the U.S.?  We’ll, I’m blogging from one.

TruckStop.Net provides high speed internet access from many different chains of truck stops around the United States.  I’m currently traveling to Denver for an interview on Monday and am driving across Oklahoma.  I decided, on a whim, to try the service and have been very pleased.  For the meager cost of 5.95 for 1 day’s access (29.95 per month) I have been able to enjoy my email when I stop for breaks from driving, and even blog!  Can’t beat that.