The start of a new day...

Alright, my blog has languished without a clear purpose for some time now, being a mix of various things which I am interested in.  So rather than let it continue to languish, I've decided to revamp the blog and focus it on matters technical.  As of today it will focus primarily on the technologies which I work with every day : BizTalk Server, VB.NET, C# and the HIPAA Accelerator for BizTalk.

I will also be increasing the frequency with which I blog, and will be soon be bringing up some articles about various topics.  A few topics include :

  • Realities of BizTalk Server in an EDI World
  • EDI Functoids
  • COM+ in a .NET world

I hope that those few of you which do read this blog will find the technical turn of the blog a worthy one.