I would love to come to your user group and present on any of the following subjects.  If you would like to have me present, please feel free to contact me using the contact option above.

BizTalk Server 2004
This overview of BizTalk Server 2004 will work with more real-world examples than the standard Microsoft overview.  During this presentation the demonstrations will include creating schemas, maps and orchestrations.  Schemas will include creating a flat file schema to produce a simple X12 EDI.  The specific example covered in the presentation takes the non-existent Claims Corrector Medical Claims Clearinghouse (CCMCC).

Black Belt XML
This presentation covers high level XML tips which can have an immediate impact on how the attendees use the System.Xml namespace.  Including performance, caching, and object use tips this presentation.  Also included in this class is a hands-on demonstration of code profiling using the open source tool NProf.

Test Driven Development
This is an overview of the Test Driven Development methodology.  The presentation uses NUnit to show the basic concepts behind TDD and how it has grown out of the existing methodologies of software development.

COM+ Development in .NET
COM+ provides access to many options not otherwise easily available within the .NET Framework, most importantly the ability to perform distributed transactions.  This presentation will cover the basics of COM+ for those not familiar with it, and then show how to create COM+ component from within the .NET Framework.

Free Tools You Need To Know
This presentation is a tour of some of the most powerful open source and otherwise free, tools which are available for the developer toolkit.  Common tools to be included are NUnit, NCover, NProf, FxCop, and NAnt.  There is also an optional add on to this presentation which quickly covers three commercial tools that all developers should be aware of that can be added if your group does not mind the discussion of commercial utilities.

Code Generation
Using CodeSmith, produced by CodeSmith Tools LLC, this presentation covers how code generation can significantly reduce the amount of repetitive work required from developers.  This presentation will show how to use Code Generation for creating a Data Access Layer set of components.  It will also cover how this same technology can be used to ease the pains of not only data access woes, but presentation layer and XML problems as well.