Changes have Begun

Today marks some major changes in my career.  I've left my former employer GHN-Online and started work as a contractor for HD Vest.  The primary reason for this change is one of commute, as I live in far southern Arlington, TX and GHN's offices were located at I-635 & Hwy. 75.  For those of you not local to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, that is a commute of an hour (without traffic) each way.  The new location with HD Vest will bring back a minimum of an hour into each of my days, and possible quite a bit more than that on "rainy" or otherwise miserable days.

At the same time this change is happening, I am trying to focus more on moving Tech Knights to where I would like it to be.  I will have a little more time and interest in getting it kicked off.  I will also be getting even more involved with the local User Group community.  Look for more information soon.