Speaking @ Tulsa Tech Fest

Tulsa-TechFest_2006.jpgLots of stuff has been happening lately, but I am long overdue in announcing that I will be speaking at the Tulsa Tech Fest on October 14th, 2006. This looks to be a fantastic event with the very best from around the US attending, including Carl Franklin from .NET Rocks, Ron Jacobs from Microsoft's Patterns and Practices Group, and many others.

Sogeti will be there in force, with Ed Kissinger and Ed Blankenship of EdSquared.com presenting two sessions on Team Foundation Server and VSTS.  I will be presenting two talks, one on Zero Cost .NET, a demonstration of how Microsoft's products can realistically compete with the LAMP offering, and a second presentation on NUnit Extensibility.

I'm particularly excited about the Zero Cost .NET presentation, which I've been working on gathering the resources for and which should have a block-buster closer demonstration.  I hope you can find time to come out and check out what Tulsa Tech Fest has to offer.