TimRayburn.CustomFunctoids - Logical String Functoids

This will be the first drop of the functoids to add more the one functoid, and with good reason.  Today we add a set of three functoids based on methods of the System.String class in .NET.

  • Logical Contains
  • Logical Starts With
  • Logical Ends With

These functoids, as you expect, determine if the first parameter provided either contains, starts with or ends with the second parameter provided.  Like the previous functoids we've kept the coloring the same as the other Logical functoids, except that they have a blue border to indicate they are in an external assembly.  The code can be downloaded below, as always, but this is one portion which I want to call out.  I implemented Logical Contains in a non-standard way:


public string LogicalContains(string fullString, string subString){// I realize this could be fullString.Contains(subString)// but doing that means this could not be compiled// under .NET 1.1 for BizTalk 2004if (fullString.IndexOf(subString) > 0)return "true";elsereturn "false";}

As noted in the comments, this could be done as String.Contains() in .NET 2.0, but that method is not available in .NET 1.1 and one of my goals is to make these functoids backwards compatible to BizTalk 2004 whenever possible.

Download TimRayburn.CustomFunctoids v1.0