Upgrading to dasBlog 1.9.6288

It is a rule of the universe that building a better mouse trap just inspires smarter mice.  That said it still is necessary to build such traps just to get some peace between iterations of mice.

I had noticed lots of people turning of trackbacks and pingbacks in dasBlog 1.9 because of spam entering from these channels.  I even consulted with the guys at EdSquared.com who just had their blog attacked in such a way.  I happened to be reading Scoble and he mentioned Wordpress' sister company AkismetAkismet is a comment spam and trackback spam blocking service which is free to individuals.

Of course I said, "Great! Now all I have to do is implement this in dasBlog..." but then my lazy programmer kicked in and I said, "Hey maybe I should search and see if someone else has first."  Enter Joshua Flanagan.  He had the same thought, but he was already on the dasBlog team and has committed the change to the current codebase.  Add to this that dasBlog is now running nightly builds and you've got the makings of an upgrade.

I sincerely that the dasBlog leadership will hear the outcry from those linked above and release 1.9.1 as quickly as possible to make this feature more widely available.  Especially since because of this flaw none of the people I linked to above will be automatically informed of this post and a possible solution.