What a crazy month!

So what does it take to get me from blogging every day to not blogging for a month?  Quite alot actually!

  • Major Product Release : What started it all without a doubt was the release at the end of October of a major update to my client's software.  It meant alot of crazy hours to make that happen.
  • Problems with the Release : This was followed on by a wide variety of problems with the production release, some related to code, many more related to humans.  That resulted in 50-60 hours weeks for a month.
  • Trip to South Dakota : I had the pleasure to visit a client's site in South Dakota and give 3 days of training on Service Oriented Architecture to some very bright folks.  The trip went well but preparing my slides for that and then presenting those at the client's site took yet more time.

All that said I'm back and will be posting much more regularly.  There are some major problems with the CustomFunctoids that need to be addressed thanks to a commenter for pointing that out.  There is work to be done on the BizTalk Users Group and more.