Sogeti and Software Architects

As you likely know if you read this blog, I'm employed by Sogeti as a Principal Consultant.  I'm part of the Microsoft Practice and focus on BizTalk and overall "Connected Systems" architecture.  Living in the Dallas area, the name I most often hear after "BizTalk" from a clients mouth is "SARK".

"SARK" or Software Architects as they are properly named is a 500+ employee consulting firm with a large Dallas area contingent.  They have alot of BizTalk brain-trust working for them.  I've worked with some of their consultants for a short time at CitiFinancial Auto when I was an independent and was impressed.  I've said before that if I ever were to leave Sogeti that SARK would be high on my list of companies I'd like to work for.

Well I was thrilled the other day to hear the announcement that Sogeti has purchased Software Architects!  This is nothing but incredible for everyone involved, it brings the Microsoft Practice in Texas alone to over 300 consultants.  I'm thrilled to have the guys I know from SARK join the Sogeti family. 

So Mike, Jonathan, and Ben welcome!