Support Team Hanselman

In an amazingly fast paced and technical world like we live in, and having the type of career that I have chosen for myself where I have to stay current on the latest technologies at all times, it is very hard to find truly amazing, indispensible, sources of information.  Scott Hanselman is undoubtly such a source to me.  I'm paid more today because I read his blog, and I've told him so to his face. 

He has faced a fight with Diabetes, Type 1, since he was 21 and obviously is passionate about finding a cure to this prolific disease.  He recently posted this comment:

If you've ever thought about giving a 'tip' to this blog, here's your chance to make that tip tax-deductible! (if you're in the US) You can also paypal your donation to the email address that is "my first name at my last name .com" and I will personally deliver 100% of your money myself.

Well you can be sure that my donation is on it's way, and I challenge everyone who reads my blog to do two things, first subscribe to Scott's blog you will not regret it, and second to donate what you can to the effort he has underway to have Team Hanselman raise $50,000 for the American Diabetes Association.