New Evangelist Team

I should have taken time to write this post a while ago, but life's been a bit hectic.  Microsoft has hired three new Evangelists over the last few months for the Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana area.  I've had a chance to meet all three of them and I'm looking forward to seeing them flourish in their roles.

  • Chris Koenig is the new Developer Evangelist for the region.  His is moving to the Dallas/Fort Worth area right now from San Antonio and will be focused on evangelizing the "How" of Microsoft's development tools.
  • Phil Wheat joins as the new Architect Evangelist for the region.  He has a strong background with Sharepoint and is a very engaging guy.  If you attended Dallas Code Camp 2 you might have had a chance to meet him.  He is based out of Austin but I'm sure he'll be seen in Dallas more than a little.
  • Zain Naboulsi join as the new MSDN Developer Evangelist and is focused on the MSDN events through the region.  I had a very nice chat with Zain, who also attended Dallas Code Camp 2, and I think the community will see more of him than you might have traditionally expected to from someone with his focus.

Welcome to these gentlemen and I wish them nothing but the best in their positions.  I also remind the community to go easy on these guys for a while, they are all brand new to Microsoft, and Chris is brand new to the D/FW area, so it will take them a while to get completely hooked in.