Northwest Arkansas .NET User Group

To complete my Arkansas trip, on July 3rd I spoke to the Northwest Arkansas .NET User Group and presented my talk "Introduction to C# 3.0".  While there are not any downloads I can offer for that talk, it is all code made up on the spot in reaction to questions about the features, I would like to take a moment to thank them for having me out to speak.  Jay Smith, President of the NWADNUG, was an excellent host and I enjoyed both speaking and hanging out with many of the members at Applebee's after the meeting. If you find yourself in Fayetteville AR, or are ever invited to come speak to this group, you should definitely visit them. 

Furthermore Fayetteville itself is a very pretty town, the trip in up I-540 reminds me what I miss about living somewhere that elevation happens, and there are plenty of great little shops in the area including one of the better board games shops I've run into in a long while.