Calling Heartland District Folks

Alright, so next week is shaping up a bunch of fun.  I'm wrapping up a BizTalk 2006 R2/Visual Studio 2008 project this week and next week I'm headed to Minneapolis and Omaha for a couple of speaking engagements!

Tuesday I'll be in Minneapolis, speaking at the BizTalk 2006 R2 launch event care of my employer Sogeti.  I'll be speaking about RFID and EDI in two different sessions.

By Thursday I have to make the run down to Omaha to speak at the Heartland Developer Conference where I'm stepping in to cover a Test Driven Development talk for a speaker who had to bow out at the last minute.

I fly in to Minneapolis on Monday, out on Saturday, and so this a call out to anyone in that area to see if we want to get something together.  Geek Dinner?  Drinks at a pub? Pretty much anything.

Of course, you can also touch base if you'd like to do something more productive.  I'd be more than happy to do some visits to development shops, slip in an architectural or code review, talk to your team about BizTalk, C# 3.0, or pretty much anything.  So let's hear it, Heartland District, shout out if you'd like to hook up.