Oslo thoughts after the Keynote

So the keynote at the SOA & BP Conference did a slightly better job of setting down exactly what the tenets of Project Oslo are than the material I had previously received.  Basically there are two "big bets":

  • Services - The phrase "Doubling down on services" was the catch phrase, but in short the innovation level that drove the creation of WCF will not be slackening, but instead it will not begin to roll across the whole server line.  This is how server products will expose themselves is the message.  Good to hear, but slow in the coming.  You're going to be a rev or two for many of these server products before they have WCF hooks built in.
  • Model - Microsoft will ship a unified modelling tool which will cut the vertical slice from development to management.  The demos were incredible, the visualizations sharp, and it will all be stored in a single common repository.  Out-stand-ing.  If they can deliver on this, it will change the game.

Obviously this will engage a large number of teams at Microsoft, and as such there is risk involved in their delivery of it.  Further a slick demo is easy, and I look forward to playing with the actual CTPs which have been promised "next year" to be able to actually work with this myself.