Hiring Talented .NET Developers at Sogeti

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I'm thrilled to announce that business is so very good at the moment that Sogeti is once again looking to increase the ranks of their Microsoft Practice.  Sogeti has been my employer since August of 2006, and I must say that I've been thrilled with my experience there.  The team that we have in Dallas are some of the brightest folks I know.  Of course, platitudes are not a reason to work for a company, but enjoying what you do is key. In case you are not aware, Sogeti is a division of Capgemini which focuses on regional IT services delivery.  What does that mean?  It means our consultants don't travel (for the most part) and are placed at positions within their home cities. 

We have at Sogeti one of the best work/life balance benefit packages I've ever encountered in the industry, here are some details:

  • All full-time employee consultants are salaried, W2 employees.  We are a consultancy, not a contracting body shop.  Rolling off a project with a client results in bench time at the office while sales places you at the next client, not the end of your time at Sogeti.
  • Medical and Dental Insurance paid for the consultant, plus the option of a Health Savings Account which allows you to save money towards any sort of "out of pocket" medical expenses, even over the counter drugs, with pre-tax dollars.  If you don't use the money, it rolls over year to year, and becomes yours to do with as you wish at retirement age.
  • Comp-Time for every billable hour over 40 worked in a week.  We've all had that nasty 60 hour a week project, they for the most part cannot be avoided, but with this plan you would earn 20 hours of Comp-Time per week to use to spend time with your family when work was less crazy.  They reward time with time, not money, and that is key.
  • Three weeks of PTO for the first two years, four weeks after that (it goes up again but I forget when).  Also twice per year you can purchase a week of PTO, meaning you could have as much as 5 weeks of PTO in your first year and that is not factoring in Comp-Time.

What sort of folks are we looking for you ask?  .NET Developers of all levels but if you have experience with any of the following technologies that would definitely help:

  • BizTalk Server - We've got the premiere BizTalk practice in the area and would love to welcome more talented developers into the fold.
  • Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 aka MOSS 2007 - A hot technology at the moment and the emerging enterprise web technology.  If you've work with Sharepoint, drop me a line.

So are you interested?  Drop me a line at Tim@TimRayburn.net with your resume attached and I'll get you in touch with the right people to start the process.  Remember, life is to short to do something you don't enjoy completely.