Tulsa TechFest 2008

Tulsa TechFest

Holy smokes, did I have a blast at Tulsa TechFest!  It was a great couple of days hanging out with some great speakers, like Randy Walker, Caleb Jenkins, Zain, Chris, Phil and many more.  I did presentations on three different topics.  The first of these was called Building Services That Rock, the second was Intro to C# 3.0, and finally an intro to Parallelism in .NET.  All were well received, I believe, and I thank David for having me out to speak again.

This was my first time back since the original Tulsa TechFest in 2006.  In the year between I went to Heartland Developer Conference.  I've had a fantastic at both events, but Tulsa TechFest's enormous size in comparison to HDC and never ending topics is just immensely compelling.  At this one conference I could have seen talks on Robotics Studio, Expression Blend, C#, VB, LINQ, Sharepoint, Silverlight, and TDD.  When I say I could have seen these, I mean without conflicts, attending all keynotes, and that is just one possible path through this conference extravaganza.

Seriously, if you've not ventured to Tulsa TechFest, check it out next year.  And keep your eyes here for an announcement soon about Dallas TechFest 2009.