GiveCamp Kiva Lending Team

Just a quick update, that several of the micro-finance loans I made as part of the GiveCamp Kiva team have recently made their first payment back, which allowed me to begin to re-invest most of those funds in another loan.  I'm backing the Yon Dial 2 Group, from Senegal.  Here are their details:

Palmarin ( is a village rich in fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, lack of structures specialized in transformation incite people to import fruit and vegetables juices at very high cost. This why this group of women, confronted with difficulties in conserving and disposing of fresh products (cabbages, tomatoes, carrots) are seeking a Kiva loan to create a local fruit and vegetable transformation unit. They will sell the transformed products to touristic businesses and meet a large customer demand.

Remember if you've like to become part of the GiveCamp lending team at Kiva and help make a difference around the world for less than the cost of a video game, then check out the team here.