Edition Wars

For some time now I’ve been loosely affiliated with the D20 Radio Network, a network of podcasts for gamers, and about things gamers care about. That network was started by some outstandingly creative folks who I’m thrilled to call friends. They’ve recently announced that they have founded a Game Studio to help bring cool, innovative, amazing games to the market. The first of these, is Edition Wars.

Edition Wars is a fun-filled, tongue-in-check standalone strategy card game for 3-5 players, where you become a Gamemaster slavishly devoted to your edition of the game! In the effort to champion your edition, you will compete to be the first to assemble a complete group of six Gamers. But this simple task is complicated by the fact that the other Gamemasters are trying to steal your Gamers out from under you! You can respond in kind, defend your existing Gamers with the standard attacks of Snark, Blog, and Merch; as well as equip yourself with special gear and toss about instant critical effects, all of which will aid you on your epic quest to edition supremacy! Let the Edition Wars begin…

I’d like to strongly encourage all of my friends to think about supporting this Kickstarter project. Go check it out, read the rules, and then throw them a few bucks to help them get off the ground.