Improving is looking to pay you to learn

My epic employer, Improving Enterprises, has a equally epic new program that we’re looking to hire some new people for. We’re looking to take people with minimal to entry level development skills, not anyone who is building large enterprise applications today, and to hire these people and then pay them to go through a Boot Camp led by our best and brightest, and then at the end, provide some criteria are met, hire them as either Associate Consultants or Consultants within our organization.

Frankly this program is a huge opportunity and one I’ve been wanting us to have for some time now. You’re likely a candidate for this program if you meet these meager requirements:

  • Some programming experience is necessary.
    • Web experience is not necessary, though it is helpful.
    • Lack the experience or expertise to be an Improver
  • Exhibit excellent potential, aptitude, and attitude
  • Are willing to work long and hard over the next few months to become an Improver.

If you meet these requirements, then you can contact me at and we’ll get you submitted for consideration to the program. Initially we’re looking for 6 people.

If you submit yourself and are accepted should expect:

  • The program is 9-6 plus homework assignments including user group attendance and supplemental online courses.
  • It is intended to be an intensive, “drink from the firehose” experience.
  • You will be paid a nominal salary.
  • The salary will increase once you pass the board exam and become billable.
  • There is an interview process.

If this excites you, then reach out to me at or on Twitter/GitHub @TRayburn and we’ll get you started in the process.