Time to update my bio...

So I’m thrilled to announce that after having joined the amazing team at Improving Enterprises just about 5 and a half years ago, today the leadership team has promoted me to Vice President of Consulting in our Dallas office.

So what does that mean?

  • I report directly to David O’Hara, President of the Dallas enterprise.
  • I’ll be charged with being a mentor and advisor to about 1/4 of the consultants in the Dallas office, eventually.
  • I’ll be expected to continue to just do more of the awesomely fun things which got me recognized to begin with.

What will this not mean?

  • It does not mean I’m done coding, VP’s are still billable resources and I will be continuing at my current client and project.
  • It does not mean I’m done presenting about technical topics or coming to user groups. I’ve always done that because I love it, and that hasn’t changed just because my title has.
  • It does not mean I’ll be giving up my Microsof MVP status. I’m determined to hold onto that as long as Microsoft thinks I’m worthy of it.

This is just one great step forward for me, and I owe much thanks to my friends and mentors who have helped me get here. Obviously David O’Hara and Curtis Hite, but also Devlin Liles, Cori Drew, Barry Forrest, Michael Dudley, Jeff Sharp, Jef Newsom, and many more. Each has taught me countless things, listened to my suggestions, and helped me refine and grow every day I work for this amazing company. I hope to live up to their expectations and friendship as I start down this new road.

As always, if you’d like to join our amazing team at Improving Enterprises you need only drop me an email at tim@timrayburn.net or call me at 817-760-0002 and start that conversation.

Image used via Creative Commons License from https://flic.kr/p/hjkgtV