Join ScottGu for Meet Windows Azure

Just a quick note here, tomorrow (June 7th) Scott Guthrie will be hosting a live stream event called Meet Windows Azure. The event will start at 1PM PDT (2PM MDT, 3PM CDT, 4PM EDT) and it will be covering some amazing new features in Windows Azure. In particular I’d like to draw your attention to this snippet, from their announcement blog post which should get your attention.

Windows Phone Bootcamp and Hackathon at Big (D) 2012

Want to learn what it takes to build a Windows Phone application?

Presentation - WCF Topics

This morning I had the pleasure of review the basics of WCF with a group from Exxon. As promised to them I’ve made all code and presentations from that talk available at GitHub. Thank you all for attending, and again if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at