Where at MVP Summit is Tim Rayburn

The MVP Summit is coming up next week, and it is always a fantastic time to network and get caught up with my friends literally from around the world. One of the big challenges of Summit is just finding people, so this post will serve as the guidepost of how to find me at Summit. First and foremost is FourSquare, I’ll post whenever I arrive at a location. Even if I’m not allowed to disclose why I’m somewhere, because of NDA topics, I can discuss that I’m somewhere, like “Building 92 on the MSFT Campus”. But beyond that, there are several public events which I can disclose I’ll be at, so lets list those out.

How to be an Improver

Finishing Up The Cookbook

While it has not been discussed here a great deal, my good friend Devlin Liles and I have been writing a book together. It’s called “Entity Framework 4.1 : Expert’s Cookbook”. I will be clear upfront, Devlin did the lion’s share of the work on this book, but the finished product is something which I am totally proud to be associated with.