Another Improving Bootcamp

6 months ago I wrote on this blog that my company, Improving Enterprises, was looking to hire people and train them how to be developers. We did that, successfully, and we have 6 new consultants working at various clients now. I’m making a note here, HUGE SUCCESS!

ASP.NET MVC Reserved Words

A project I’m on recently encountered a little known bug that I had to share, mostly so I can google my own brain later on this. MVC has a set of reserved words that cannot appear in your URLs. This includes CON, COM1-COM9, LPT1-LPT9, AUX, PRT, NUL, etc.

World Cup Tie Breakers

Alright, so Portugal pushed the United States into a tie in our match at the World Cup. I’ve seen some horrible reporting on what this means this morning, where clearly the journalists could not be bothered to read the regulations of the World Cup, specifically pages 25 & 26 where the tie breaking rules are explained.