Signup for July #FFFGN

I’m pleased to report that our first Fourth Friday Family Game Night (#FFFGN) was an incredible success. We had over 30 players, playing an assortment of games from Phase 10 to Dominion to Ticket to Ride Europe, and more.

Fourth Friday Family Game Night

UPDATE This event has now been renamed Dallas Game Night and you can find all the info you want at the new website! Original Post You are officially invited to join the consultants of Improving Enterprises for board games, fun and frivolity. Every 4th Friday of the month we will gather for a family friendly night of games. We’ll have drinks of all sorts available, and a large selection of games. Who is invited? Everyone, regardless of age or skill. Bring yourself, your kids, we’ve got games for all ages. We ask that you sign up, if possible, in advance just to give us an idea of how many people are coming. Our registration site is located at this link. When is it? The Fourth Friday of every month, hence the name. We’ll officially start at 6:00pm, and run until … well we’ll play alot of games. Leave when you’d like. Where is it? We’re hosted at Improving Enterprises, a fantastic company in the North Dallas area. Their offices are at: 16633 Dallas Parkway Suite 100 Addison, TX 75001 What games will you be playing? Pretty much everything. If you’re idea of a board game is the traditional American board games of Monopoly or Risk, then we’ve got you covered. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of Euro-style board games, then we’ve got people who would love to play a game of Dominion, Settlers of Catan, Small World, Agricola, or anything else you’d like to bring. Are you an huge name on Board Game Geek? Bring your favorite game and teach us how to play! I don’t know any of those games! Great! We love to teach people how to play. I’ve got questions still… Contact one of our official Hosts, they’ll be more than happy to field any questions you might have: Tim Rayburn can be reached at or 817-760-0002 Ty Crockett can be reached at Sponsors This event is graciously hosted by the incredible folks at Improving Enterprises. They open their offices, soda fridge, and other facilities to us on a monthly basis and we’re thrilled to have their support. If you’re an IT professional, please chat with on of their employees who attend to learn more about this great company.

Slides and Code from Dallas XAML GIT Workshop

For those who attended my GIT Workship last night at Dallas XAML, you can find the code and slides here: I’ve fixed the problems with my demo scripts that create repositories, so you can clone that repository locally and execute : .\LocalDevelopment.ps1 For a basic repository example which you can use to practice roll-backs, etc. .\BranchingDemo.ps1 This will create three branches from master, which you can practice merging, and rebase’ing with. Thanks to those that attended, I hope you got something useful out of it.