Getting XML from a SQL Server via VBScript

I had reason to help a client the other day automate the transmission of data from a table they controlled in their system to my company on a daily basis in order to allow us to use that data in performing certain operations for them.  Initially they were going to send a tab delimited file, and then I suggested they send XML.  They indicated that they weren't comfortable formatting XML and I said ... “Have SQL Server handle that for you.”  What resulted was an education for them on how to retrieve XML from SQL Server and the following code snippet:'*******************************************************'Example code for XML Export of table data'*******************************************************' By Tim Rayburn, Lead Architect,' Date : 09/23/2004'*******************************************************'This is a modified version of an example file located on to suit'the specific purpose of this example.  The original also used XML for the query, which'is not done in this file.'*******************************************************'Absolutely no warrantly expressed or implied.'This code is herby placed in the public domain.'*******************************************************      'Declare all variables     '*******************************************************     Dim adoCmd         '   As ADODB.Command     Dim adoConn        '   As ADODB.Connection      Dim outStrm        '   As ADODB.Stream     Dim txtResults '   String for results     Dim sConn      '   String for connection     Dim sQuery         '   Query String     Dim fso             'File System Object     Dim ts              'Text Stream          Dim dbName         'The DNS name or IP address of your DB Server     Dim UID             'The User Name to login to your database     Dim PWD             'The Password to login to your database     Dim Catalog        'The specific database to connect to     Dim TableName      'The table we will retrieve data from          'Setup Variable Values (CHANGE THIS TO HAVE THE INFORMATION FOR YOUR DATABASE)     '*******************************************************     dbName = "DBSERVER"     UID = "UID"     PWD = "PWD"     Catalog = "Northwind"     TableName = "Employees"          'Connect to the database     '*******************************************************     sConn = "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=" & dbName      sConn = sConn & ";Initial Catalog=" & Catalog & ";uid=" & UID & ";pwd=" & PWD     Set adoConn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")            adoConn.ConnectionString = sConn     adoConn.CursorLocation =  3          adoConn.Open          'Create the Command Object & Query     '*******************************************************     Set adoCmd = CreateObject("ADODB.Command")       set adoCmd.ActiveConnection = adoConn           sQuery = "SELECT * FROM " & UCase(TableName) & " FOR XML AUTO, ELEMENTS"                     adoCmd.CommandText = sQuery      'Open the output stream and query the database     '*******************************************************     Set outStrm = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")     outStrm.Open     adoCmd.Properties("Output Stream") = outStrm     adoCmd.Execute , , 1024       'Set to the start of the stream, and then read all data.     '*******************************************************     outStrm.Position = 0     txtResults = outStrm.ReadText(-1)          'Cleanup Database objects     '*******************************************************     adoConn.Close     set adoConn = Nothing     set adoCmd = Nothing     set outStrm = Nothing             'Output to a file     '*******************************************************     set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")          set ts = fso.CreateTextFile("OutputFile.xml")     ts.Write ""ts.Write txtResults ts.Write "     ts.Close          'Cleanup File write objects     '*******************************************************     set fso = Nothing     set ts = Nothing?>

My GamerTag is Gisben, and I stink at Halo2

While not the primary point on his recent post, I would like to pick up a theme which Jason Bock mentioned on his blog by saying ....My GamerTag is Gisben, and I stink at Halo2.I'd really like to be better, but I'm not.  I lack the devotion to spend all my time playing the game, because it is merely a game.  While I truly enjoy playing, I'm just not very good.

Lexar Jump Drive Security Vulnerability

Schneier has recently posted about a security vulnerability in the Lexas JumpDrive's.Lexar has contacted him regarding what they feel is a fix to this issue.The post can be found here.