Fiber to the Premises

Verizon is off to make headlines again, announcing today that they will begin rolling out Fiber, directly to the home or business, starting in Keller, TX and then into the rest of North Texas.  Very cool, a national first, and I wish FTTP the best of luck and can't wait for Arlington to get onto the list of locations it will run to.Details can be found here:

Working on 'Practical Test Driven Development'

I'm working on the final classes for a Brown Bag lunch I'll be giving to the development teams at GHN sometime soon.  Its entitled “Practical Test Driven Development” and is focused on actually putting NUnit to use in the development of projects.  How to reorganize your development cycle, the benefits, and time involved, etc.  I'll probably post the slides here sometime soon.

Requirements by Sales

 I must say that my number one problem with small businesses is the habit of driving development off of what the sales force feels is needed to close a sale this week.  Suddenly developers have shifting priorities, and deadlines which are constantly under pressure for when things were promised, not when they realistically can be completed.  ARGH!