Model View Presenter Screencast

I've written about Model View Presenter (MVP) several times before, once after hearing a talk and learning about the pattern, and again when I learned about extension methods. Today I bring you a screencast on Model View Presenter using Visual Studio 2008 and extension methods.  This is my second screencast, and I've upgraded my microphone to a professional rig thanks to my father to improve the audio. Click here to watch the screencast.

We Are Microsoft - We Are Sogeti

The day has arrived, and it is time for the We Are Microsoft, Charity Challenge Weekend.  My team, Team Sogeti, has been given the chance to help City House with an internal Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) portal.  We've recruited some of the SharePoint brains within Sogeti, and I will be playing second fiddle to them and taking up the branding/skinning of the site. Our team, as it stands currently, consists of: Bryan Jason Gavin Deepak Tim (Me) We'll have some part time support from Sogeti's uber-brain of SharePoint Tuc, and the occasional drop in from time to time this weekend from others.  Of course worthy of note also is the support of my wife, Kate, who has agreed to "Team Mom" this wayward band, making sure they can stay focused by helping keep them in cokes/red bull/monster/etc. See everyone there later today, especially Improving and Telligent!

Who are you? What do you do? - Dustin Hicks

As you've undoubtedly noticed, I've begun to do more video as part of the blog over the last several weeks.  As part of this experiment, I've started recording interviews with several people I've met along my travels.  This series will be called "Who are you? What do you do?" and each time will be a one on one with someone I've met answering those two questions, and sometimes a few more.  For the first installment, I present Dustin Hicks, Microsoft TS for BizTalk Server in the South Central district.