Favorites Dumps 2

Time once again to clear out the Favorites section on twitter and inscribe some of their wisdom permanently upon my blog for all to see.

Improving is looking to pay you to learn

My epic employer, Improving Enterprises, has a equally epic new program that we’re looking to hire some new people for. We’re looking to take people with minimal to entry level development skills, not anyone who is building large enterprise applications today, and to hire these people and then pay them to go through a Boot Camp led by our best and brightest, and then at the end, provide some criteria are met, hire them as either Associate Consultants or Consultants within our organization.

Favorites Dumps 1

I have a bad habit of collecting links and awesome tweets in the Twitter favorites and never recording them elsewhere. This post, and others to follow in the series, are just a dump out of my favorites so they are permanently recorded somewhere.