It's been ordered...

It's official, I ordered my Toshiba Portege M200 today.Specifications:2.0 Ghz Pentium M 755 (Dothan) processor256mb of RAM [This will be upgraded immediately, but Toshiba's prices for RAM are way out of line]60gb 5400rpm Hard DiskIntel 802.11b/g internal wireless NICBluetooth transceiverWindows XP Tablet PC EditionCan't wait till it arrives, clock is running.  I've heard nothing but good things about this tablet and I can't wait to get my hands on my own.

Looking towards a new Tablet PC

I'm looking at buying a new tablet PC sometime soon, probably a Toshiba M200.  As such I've been thinking about all the software I'll need to load onto the box once I get it.  So I've broken the list into three major lists including Development Tools, Utilities and Office Tools.  So here they are:Development ToolsVisual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise Architect edition Visual Studio 2005 SQL Server 2005 NUnit NDoc NAnt FxCop Lutz's Reflector TestDriven.NET Tortoise CVS Visual SourcesafeUtilitiesZip Genuis Civilization 3 : Conquests (Yes, this is a utility) Firefox KLite Mega Codec Pack Virtual PC MaxiVista Adobe Acrobat (not just reader) Paint.NET Jasc Paintshop Pro WinDiffOffice ToolsOffice 2003 Professional Visio w/ VS.NET 2003 EA Project 2003 OneNote 2003 (w/ Service Pack 1) Newsgator 2.0There's my list ... any other suggestions?

Virtual PC + SUSE 9.2 FTP Install = Learning Curve

As I am sure we all know, Virtual PC 2004 is sent from God.I decided today that I was going to get a Virtual PC set up with SUSE 9.2 in order to push myself to look into the Mono Project a little more.  I figured this should be doable (I was right) and that it should be doable quickly (I was wrong).A little inspection of the Novell site ( quickly dug up the appropriate location to download the FTP based installer in a nice little 64mb iso. Sweet.  Mount that as the CD drive for my VPC and it boots. Even Better.  Run the install and hit a brick wall.Short story, several hours later I discover how to tell this FTP installer to actually do an FTP install instead of a DVD install and then hammer my head against for a while, getting "File Not Found" errors until I discover an article here posted by crouse about how to do an FTP install. technically for 9.1, but it got me up and running.So I'm writing this as the initial FTP kernel is downloading and once I can select my packages I'm off to sleep.  Tommorow if I have the time I'll post my own article addressing everything learned from this in order to save some other poor developer the heart-ache later.