GMail ... Excellent!

With much thanks to DataGridGirl for sending me an invitation, I now have a GMail account which I will be using for my various mailing lists and other purposes.My first read on the interface is that I absolutely love the threading and labeling features.  I knew GMail would be a fit after I heard the system described because I am a fanatic user of search folders in Outlook 2003, so a mail system powered by the finest search engine in the world was a sure thing.If you haven't checked out Marcie's blog, you really should.

External Files and NUnit Testing

I was reading Scott Hanselman's blog today and ran across this post which is actually his refferal to the site for this post from Patrick Cauldwell's blog.  Both are discussing how to use external files as part of your Unit Testing in NUnit.As pointed out by Patrick, using paths to reach such files is problematic as the file's location may shift from your box to a build box, etc.  So the perfectly elegant solution that has been devised by Patrick is to create such files as Embedded Resources in your testing project.  You can then access that file as a stream, and write it out to a known position (such as a temp directory) for your tests to use.Pretty slick ... need to write the VB 'conversion' here shortly.

The start of a new day...

Alright, my blog has languished without a clear purpose for some time now, being a mix of various things which I am interested in.  So rather than let it continue to languish, I've decided to revamp the blog and focus it on matters technical.  As of today it will focus primarily on the technologies which I work with every day : BizTalk Server, VB.NET, C# and the HIPAA Accelerator for BizTalk.I will also be increasing the frequency with which I blog, and will be soon be bringing up some articles about various topics.  A few topics include :Realities of BizTalk Server in an EDI WorldEDI FunctoidsCOM+ in a .NET worldI hope that those few of you which do read this blog will find the technical turn of the blog a worthy one.